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Health Centers in Palestine


Design, Engineering, Supply, and Delivery of 2 sites Off-Grid on Health-Center with 40,12 kWp and 9,52 kWp. 1 site On-Grid with 28,56 kWp.

In 2018 SOLAR23 had the opportunity to work with partners, to go into Palestine and provide 2 hospital sites with renewable energy.

On one site, SOLAR23 helped to supply an off-grid PV system with 40,12 kWp and 9,52 kWp. The other site was an off-grid PV system with 28,56 kWp.

With the help of our local partners, we were able to engineer, design supply, deliver, install, train the locals there, maintain, and operate these systems. Palestine is an area known to be neglected and in need of help; and we, at SOLAR23, are still so proud we were even able to make a small difference.

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