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Our Solutions

Alongside project development, SOLAR23 offers EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) solutions. This means, SOLAR23 engineers the entire project, procure all products, install the project to completion, and provide manuals and training so that the system can run smoothly once we are gone. We divide our solutions into two categories: Power Supply, and Appliances. 

Power Supply offers a group of products offers a direct power supply for usage. From home, businesses, communities, and more.

Appliances offers a group of products offer power supply able to be used as everyday appliances.

SOLAR23 GmbH is the solar company for you that does it all!

Please note that SOLAR23 is only active in Africa these days, we no longer complete installations within Europe itself.

This image is a very close up of a solar panel

Power Suppy

This image features solar home systems ontop of a house


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