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Hospital Bab Al Hawa


Delivery of 125 kWp Off-Grid Solar Systems for a Hospital.

SOLAR23 delivered a 127 kWp solar system to Bab Al-Hawa Hospital in Syria.

After years of violence in Syria, many sections of electrical grids in Syria were destroyed, resulting in them going completely out of service. Since these grids were destroyed, diesel generators soon became the most common alternative for energy. This increased usage of diesel generators created a reliance on diesel itself, and non-renewable form of energy. This diesel generator dependence particularly applies to hospitals, mobile clinics, and health care centers that need power to provide urgent medical service.

Bab Al Hawa Hospital (BHH) is the largest and busiest hospital in northern Syria. The hospital treats about 3,500 patients a month, including emergency treatment. The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM) noted that solar energy is the most practical and stable solution to ensure continuous electricity 24/7, and now wants to install PV systems.

SOLAR23 took 100 days to complete this project. SOLAR23 created a solution in accordance with the hospital and its infrastructure, as well as along the lines of the tender and the specified requirements. All products used where high-quality by renowned companies (primarily all ‘made in Germany’ products).

The project included 480 solar PV panels with a capacity of 127 kWp DC power, 288 batteries capable of storing 720kWh of power, and advanced data control systems. It is expected to save over 7,000 liters of diesel per month on average. This amounts to approximately 20-30% of the monthly energy cost of the hospital. The system can fully power the ICU, operating rooms, and emergency departments during diesel outages.

SOLAR23 was also responsible for technical planning of the system to ensure all parts work together, delivery of all products to the project location, and training of local staff to ensure that the systems can be maintained properly over time.

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