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PV Plant in Togo



Engineering, Design, Procurement, Delivery, Installation, and Maintenance of a 400 kWp Grid-Connected PV Power Plant.

Our client in Togo is committed to the transition and following of a new approach, which adopts green and renewable energy using solar PV systems.


SOLAR23 was selected, with the help of our local partner in Togo, to help achieve those goals by implementing a complete and innovative project of a grid-tied solar PV System. The project started with a pilot project and commission of solar PV systems at a branch in Tsévié (20 kWp). The second phase was the implementation of the Grid-connected Solar PV plant in the headquarters in Togo Togo (400 kWp).


SOLAR23 handled the engineering services, procurement, supply, delivery, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of the solar power plant, including an additional installation of PV modules in a carport.


Thanks to this project, our client achieves around 50% in energy savings, as monitored by the installed monitoring system.

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